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"Zac has a gift for cutting trail - creating cozy outlooks with benches, digging out spots for campfires, and opening up enchanting views. He knows this land; he knows its people."                              

                                               -Sarah Silbert / Private landowner 

Throughout the years, owner Zac Freeman has honed many skills that will help you make your project a reality! Be it large or small, on a mountain, in your town, or in your backyard, Apex Trailworks can work with you with any phase of a trail project, recreational assessment/improvement or community initiative. We are here to help you bring your vision to life, through attention to detail, thoughtful planning and low impact building techniques. We take pride in honest and hard work that makes an impact! 

Zac's love for the land and outdoor recreation are contagious, and he has shared time, energy and experience with other communities throughout Vermont who are gearing up to seize the day by creating or expanding their outdoor recreation options and resources.


                                               -Paul Costello

                                                Vermont Council on Rural Development 

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