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Ridgeline Outdoor Collective wouldn’t be where it is today without Zac Freeman’s efforts.  His work ethic and dedication to helping our local community reach its full potential in all things outdoor recreation is unparalleled.  We feel so fortunate to have had his help and expertise in designing and building mountain bike trails and backcountry zones.  Zac’s enthusiasm and skillset are extremely valuable.


                                                                                    -Angus McCusker, Executive Director

                                                                                                 Ridgeline Outdoor Collective 

Abel Mtn trail network 

Working closely with two adjoining landowners, we expanded the local Randolph trail network to offer some exciting hand-built mt. bike trails and hiking trails. The highlight of this network is the Abel Mtn summit viewpoint of downtown Randolph, complete with handmade benches. Willing and Abel dh trail is the most advanced trail in the Randolph network and offers some very technical riding. 

Vermont Tech Back 40

We started to build out VTC's new trail network with their first single track trail, the Back 40. It is a 2.1 mile loop with nice flow, and a great viewpoint. The Back 40 is the beginning of the master trail network that will be developed in the coming years!  

Private landowner network 

We worked with a private landowner to asses their existing woods road network and make a plan to enhance the network to maximize the connectivity and user experience. 

Braintree Mountain Forest 

The Braintree Mountain Forest is a combination of hiking trails, first-of-their-kind backcountry skiing glades & touring trails. Apex Trailworks recently completed a trailhead parking lot expansion, and a new re-route trail for the Ridgeline Outdoor Collective and New England Forestry Foundation. We have also lead many trail work days to construct and maintain the backcountry ski glades. This project gained national recognition as a first of its kind and was the brainchild of Apex Trailworks owner Zac Freeman.  This projected is highlighted in David Goodman's book Best Backcountry Skiing in the Northeast. 

Ridgeline Outdoor Collective's Trail Hub 

The Ridgeline Trail Hub room is a project that Zac envisioned & built with the VOREC grant. He helped renovate a dilapidated building with a private investor and secured new owners to move to town and open the new bike shop (The Gear House), which also shares the Main Street location in Randolph. The Trail Hub acts as a central location for all trail info needed for the greater Randolph/Rochester area. It includes relief maps, trail maps, club merchandise & other fun info!    

Randolph Trail Network 

The Randolph trail network has been a work in progress starting way back in the early 1990's. 

Apex Trailworks has been working hard since 2017 to enhance the old network with needed trail expansion and diversifying the trails.  

Zac Freeman is a master trail-maker.  He has all the right qualifications: a great eye for trail design; a keen understanding of trail engineering; great skill in his handling of machines and manual tools; speed and efficiency in his execution of plans; clear, prompt and upbeat in his communications with clients; conscientious in his presentation of financial records and billing; a very high standard for hard work every day on the job; and a deep love and respect for the woods through which his trails run.  

                                                                                                     Karen Petersen and Tony Keller

                                                                                                                          Braintree, Vermont

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